Explore An Exotic World Of
Stainless Steel Modular Kitchens:

Experience a magical spectrum of handcrafted stainless artistry.

Investing in a bespoke kitchen means you get exactly what you want; the kitchen is built around how you want it to work, rather than you having to adapt your ideas to what is available. And we take responsibility for every stage of the installation process – from the first sketch to the finishing touches.

Vibrantly Versatile

Versatile: With the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques combined with a multi-sensorial ambiance that salutes excellence & innovation — we are known for our discreet aesthetic.


Bewitchingly Bespoke

Our modular kitchen ideas are of the highest quality build and design, specifically made to your requirements.

Gorgeously Green

Our kitchens marry a contemporary aesthetic with timeless elegance and are made using 100% sustainable stainless steel.


Charmingly Colorful

Personalities and occasions come in many colours. So do our kitchens. Choose from a charismatic palette of 220+ hues that celebrate your every mood.

Exquisitely Elegant

Designed to accentuate the finest contemporary trends yet embodying the timeless aesthetics of heritage, trust us to both leave them speechless with its artistic looks, and get the conversation going with its artful functionality.


Healthy & Hygienic

It goes without saying that cleaning in kitchens needs to be approached in a way that ensures the highest standards of cleanliness. Therefore, we make sure that our kitchens are 100% hygienic and bacteria proof!

Fights Fire, Terminates Termites

Every Aditya Kitchen is rigorously tested over several cycles to ensure your spaces remain 100% termite-free and fire-proof – making them perfectly safe for children, guests and family alike.


Impeccably International

Aditya Kitchens come with state-of-the-art European fittings and appliances that meet the highest global benchmarks of quality and performance.

Companions for life

As resilient as ever, our stainless steel kitchens stand steadfastly by you through thick and thin, coming with a 10 year Lifetime Warranty that ensures the magic never ends.


Partnerships with Global Appliance Leaders


Best-in-class home appliance partners with top-notch technology make Aditya Kitchens truly cutting edge.

Alliances with Global Fittings Leaders


Explore modern fittings that make seamless functionality and a memorable kitchen experience come together effortlessly


Tie-ups with Global Countertop Leaders


Mix, match and pick from a wide range of exquisite countertop options to create your very own version of an Aditya Kitchen experience.