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Give your meal a divine finishing with the Padma Supari box and tray crafted to enchant your folks with its ethereal charm. The sanctity of the Lotus is reflected through a meticulously crafted pattern that emerges through various elements of the box and tray. The modern structured wooden tray exhibits this pattern in the form of etching while the same is complemented through the design of the stainless steel Boxes. The complete set will conclude your meal with an exquisite tone and also translates as a great gifting option!

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1 set (supari box with tray)


supari box 184*104*10 mm tray 75*75*50 mm


adds impeccable aesthetic and function to your post-meal indulgence highlighting the lotus through the form of etching, Healthy and hygienic., made from stainless steel and wood, reflects sustainability in make


stainless steel & wood


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